The Petition

Please download, print, and circulate the Project Petition. Then mail to your local prosecutor.

From: ________________________

Address: _____________________

City: _____________________ ZIP Code: __________

To: District Attorney ___________________________

County of: ____________________________________

The below signed citizen-voters of your district, having confirmed that a copy of the book by former prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi, entitled, "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder," has been duly delivered to you via US Mail, do hereby petition you to pursue the serious crimes documented by Mr. Bugliosi.

In furtherance of this we demand that you impanel a grand jury to receive evidence in this matter, evidence we are very confident will show that George Bush took this nation to war under false pretenses. This war led directly to the death(s) of soldiers from your county, thereby creating the jurisdiction necessary for prosecutorial action by your office.

Knowledge of a crime, and the jurisdiction to pursue those responsible, thereby imposes upon you, this county's chief prosecutor, the legal obligation to pursue this as a matter of equal justice for all.

Download the DA petition PDF by clicking here.