The DA List

We mailed the last of the books on February 7, 2009. All 2,200 prosecutors have received their book and cover letter. It is now time to contact your local prosecutor to see if they are going to pursue the serious crimes documented by Mr. Bugliosi. We suggest that after an intial phone call, a followup letter is sent to their office.

To locate your local prosecutor choose your state below. You'll find the prosecutor's contact information, and you can also download the state's list PDF. Or you can download the entire United States DA list PDF by clicking here.

Charlotte Dennett, who ran for Attorney General in Vermont last fall, has assembled a FAQ: How to Prosecute a President. She wrote, "These FAQs are based on questions that Vincent Bugliosi and I encountered during my campaign for Attorney General last fall and more recently, during interviews and public appearances.

After recently conferring with Mr. Bugliosi, I put these FAQs together to assist you should you want to approach a local DA and encourage him or her to prosecute Bush for sending soldiers to Iraq under false pretenses."

You can read How to Prosecute a President here

The next step is to click on the "Petition" tab, download, print, and circulate. After collecting signatures, mail the petition to your local prosecutor.

Every DA who’s received a book will understand that their re-election depends on upholding the Rule of Law.

The DA List Hall of Shame

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